MedJOBs Nigeria is an award winning medical management and consulting firm, with a reputation for integrity, success, and excellence.

Our Services


1. Manpower Development & Mgt

MedJOBs provides all round Health Manpower and Management Services for hospitals and other institutions. This includes Health Manpower and development planning, Capacity building programmes, medical and non-medical personnel and other stakeholders, labour supply of health (doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technicians, etc) personnel, Management of recruitment and interview processes and sessions, Organization of workshops and conference for personnel, consumers, investors and other stakeholders.


2. Investor Services

We Provide investor services specifically crafted and streamlined for Health care investors. This includes opportunity analysis and feasibility study, Investment opportunity development, Project monitoring and supervision, Educational branding, Marketing and product sales, Quality control and assurance, Risk management, etc.

Thinking of investing in health care, think MedJobs


3. Patient Services

Individual Healthcare Services
Family Health Care Services
Corporate Health Care Plan


4. Medical Resources & Supplies

MedJOBs carries over 190,000 wholesale medical supplies and products including international and MedJOBs private-brand specialty medical and surgical supplies, equipment and instruments, pharmaceuticals and vaccine supplies.

For many years MedJOBs has been providing medical supplies and equipment to healthcare practitioners, hospital physicians and doctors in private practice in more 21 states and other neighbouring countries. We are one of the largest distributors of quality medical supplies in the countr. MedJOBs Nigeria helps healthcare professionals to maximize efficiency and profitability.


Medical Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment Supplies
Pharmaceutical Products
Diagnostic Medical Supplies & Equipment
Medical Instruments Supplies
Exam Room & Practice Supplies
Surgical Blades and Handles
EMT Medical Supplies & Equipment
Diagnostics Podiatry Products
Urology Products
Ophthalmic Surgical Products
Ostomy Products
Orthopedic & Therapy Products
Dialysis Products Brand
Ear, Nose, Throat & Bronchial Supplies
Surgical Accessories X-Ray Productsis
Hypodermic Supplies
Sutures, Needles, Skin Closures
Vaccine Supplies
Sterilizing Instrument
Disinfecting Supplies
Dispensing Containers
Bandage Supplies
Sharps & Containers
Medical Garments Dressings
Medical Surgical Gloves
Blood Collection Tubes & Supplies
…and many more

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5. Medical Research & Development

MedJOBs Research Center provides a comprehensive variety of research services to academia, health services organizations, corporations, and individuals nationwide.

The mission of MedJOBs research center is to support research focused on understanding how clinical and treatment services affect health outcomes. The center brings together experts in the fields of health outcomes, program evaluation, quality of life measurement, and medical research informatics, providing the infrastructure for clinical and academic research and program and performance evaluation studies.

Our research team specializes in the measurement, collection and analysis of health outcomes data to help improve health care delivery systems and, ultimately, to improve patient quality of life. MedJOBs has done important work over the years in developing validated measures for studying patient quality of life and quality of well-being.

Since its beginnings, MedJOBs research center has been on the cutting edge of new technologies for gathering and analyzing research data, from developing MedJOBs Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (MCATI) systems for large scale, real-time telephone interview data capture, to our most recent work on the Health Outcomes Management System (HOMS), a high powered data collection, analysis, and reporting system with a wide array of applications for projects in medical research and beyond.


6. Health ICT Services

MedJOBs provides the following ICT services:

Hospital Information System (HIS) Disaster Recovery/Business continuity strategy development:
Ensure optimum uptime of patient critical systems and networks. Uptime and system recovery time in Healthcare systems is of paramount importance.

Hospital Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN) design & consulting, support for critical applications such as HIS and/or RIS/PAC Digital X-ray solutions:
Design Network Infrastructures to support high-speed, time sensitive Healthcare applications.

Security monitoring IP CCTV/IP Access control based systems design & consulting:
Ensure key sensitive areas such as Pharmacy and Paediatric wards are under constant surveillance. Track expensive and critical Healthcare equipment within the Hospital Campus with RFID systems.

Tele-Medicine/Tele-Education Video Conferencing/Collaboration solution design & consulting:
Build a world class Video Conferencing/Broadcast environment to enable collaboration and education for Healthcare professionals.

Nurse Call systems design & consulting:
Wired or wireless Nurse Call system design with integrated IP/DECT Wi-Fi allows Healthcare professionals to deliver a world class service.

Public Address/Emergency Evacuation system design & consulting:
Design a public Address/Emergency Evacuation system ensuring communications and alerts are delivered effectively campus wide.

Digital Theatre network designs:
The effectiveness of a Digital Theatre relies heavily on the network design, high speed HD images need to be delivered effectively with a high level system redundancy.